What to seek in physical exercise?

There are three things to seek in physical exercise: Flexibility, Strength and Cardio Resistance.


Movement I, by Wassily Kadinsky, 1935

Flexibility because you want your body to be able to make the maximum range of movements without ache or discomfort. For that, Yoga, Pilates and, of course, a lot of stretching. 10 minutes of stretching in the morning prepares the body for the movements of the day ahead.

Strength because humans start losing muscular mass around the age of 30, and you want to be able to carry your body, walk around and do day-to-day chores without discomfort, even at the age of 70. Yoga is very good for muscular strength, and among the exercises that move a wide set of muscles are body weight ones, which you can easily do at home, no equipment needed.

Cardio Resistance because you want your heart to be able to pump blood through your body efficiently, delivering what each part needs to stay healthy. And also because of many other benefits, from better mood to improved sleep quality. Walking, biking or running are equipment free great ways to do cardio. Care must be taken not to exceed on such exercises as they might increase aging and end up in injuries – slowly get out of your comfort zone and you’ll be fine.

Do you agree with this approach to exercise? Do you focus on any of the aspects described above? What’s the best advice on exercise you could give? Comment!

Please remember that English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes or weird word arrangements. Help me improve by sending an email or commenting if you find anything wrong or bad-sounding!

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