Why bother gardening

Gardening while living in an urban area is usually seen as a non-practical hobby, which utility is “limited” to bring beauty and color, what many people don’t think worth the time and effort. Nothing could be more wrong.

Gardening, even in small scales (as small as a pot basil), teaches a lot about how to have a better life.

In the Garden by Claude Monet, 1895

In the Garden by Claude Monet, 1895

Gardening teaches patience. Although there are many fast growing wonderful plants, as basil (gotta love basil), gardeners usually have to wait for weeks or even months for time to do its job and for flowers to bloom and plants to start to show potential. Worth it.

Gardening teaches perseverance. Struggles may happen, as plants refuse to bloom, grow or acquire diseases that look like energy sucking nightmares. While there is any sign of life, even the slightest one, gardeners’ will fight to keep and recover the beloved living being, trash being only the ultimate measure. Would you throw out anything alive, to die alone? Off course not.    

Gardening teaches resilience. Sometimes you will lose a plant. Sometimes birds will bite the flower you most care for and nasty bugs will eat the hell out of your basil (everyone loves basil). There is no monotony when you are dealing with living beings, and you will eventually learn to let go and accept failures as part of life.

Gardening teaches flexibility. Sometimes you will have to water your friends once every 3 days. Sometimes, if it the weather is too dry, they will ask for water every day. On some days the priority will be taking out dried leaves, on others, fighting bugs. There is no fixed schedule, then you learn to adapt and prioritize.

Beware, though, as in any new habit, to start small. Research and start with easier plants, which don’t die easily, or you will get frustrated. Evolve to more delicate ones as you get comfortable to manage more plants at the same time. Remember plants are living beings, and there is nothing more fascinating than life! Enjoy all the natural energy flow.

Do you care for any plants? How does this make you a better person? Would you be interested in gardening practical tips? Comment!

Please remember that English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes or weird word arrangements. Help me improve by sending an email or commenting if you find anything wrong or bad-sounding!

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