Why bother living with a cat

Sharing your home with a cat is not only about having a furry roommate that purrs and sneaks in your bed at night. They teach us much more than to deal with litter boxes and hair in the couch.


The Favourite by John William Godward, 1901

Cats teach us how to deal with rejection. You know that they only come when they want to, even though they know you are calling. They might even look at you to make sure you are aware they chose not to move. Cute bastards.

Cats teach us how to express love. They purr, and when they do it, you wish you could purr back. Remember there are many ways to show your love, so just do it.

Cats teach us to give space on relationships. One belly rub is fine, two is OK, but what’s wrong with you for doing it for the third time? Get a life! Let go as you watch them lick their belly as if your hands were contaminated.

Cats teach us to value small things. Their enjoyment for sun baths, wet cat food and paper balls shows us that happiness is in the details.

Do you think having pets makes you a better person? Comment!

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