Why you should think more about dying

It might be frightening, but death is as boldly present as life. Our body starts to die from the very moment it is created, and there is still no way to stop or revert that. Millions of stars are born and die in the Universe at all given moment.

death-2005.jpg!BlogDeath, Banksy, 2005.

People usually avoid thinking about dying. It is that kind of thought we push away because we prefer not to to deal with it right now. Better deal with it later, later being an unplanned future when we discover a terrible illness or when we lose a loved one.

Death makes us feel unimportant, weak, impotent. There is nothing we can actually do about it, no one to call, no complains to make. It arrives unannounced, and although faith might exist, no one can assure what (if something) happens next.

Why, then, should you give second thoughts on such terrible subject? Why consider that the plane might crash, that the bus might lose the red light, that a vein in your head might explode without you even noticing? Why keep exploring such possibilities when in such cases you would have no choice but to accept and surrender?

Thinking about death puts things in perspective. Such intense thought makes you realize what really matters – and what doesn’t. It makes you examine your life with a deep understanding, getting view of what you would change if you were to die right now. It makes you think about relationships and what you would like to have done and said before you go.  Who you would like to have hugged tight. It makes you feel gratitude for being alive, and question what you would leave for the world you lived in.

Our life is very frail. We must live preparing to die. If we don’t, it is going to happen anyway.


What’s your relationship to death? Do you have a bucket list? 

Please remember that English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes or weird word arrangements. Help me improve by sending an email to contacthoneytea at gmail dot com or commenting if you find anything wrong or bad-sounding!

7 responses to “Why you should think more about dying

  1. I think that it’s important to think about what happens after you die. Do you know where you’ll end up? Do you believe in heaven and hell?

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    • I used to think a lot of what would happen after I die. I’ve experienced a few religions, but could never agree 100% with any of the stories told. I came to disbelieve in heaven, hell, evil or good. There is no way to be actually sure, so why get anxious about it? Today, I believe in trying to be the best person I can, not for fear of what could happen, but for the wellbeing it brings here and now. I believe in energy though – who doesn’t feel anger from others, for example? I believe in it because I experience it. Some people say this is the opposite of faith – I don’t get too hard on me about that 🙂 What I can tell will happen after I die is becoming one with the universe energy, again – coming back to where I came from. It sounds great for me 🙂 What about you? Do you believe in heaven and hell?


      • To answer your question, yes, I do believe in heaven and hell. I have been on my Christian walk for 12 years now. I believe that Jesus died for my sins so that I can have eternal life. Last year, I read the Bible in one year. If I didn’t have God in my life, I would be so lost. He has shown me so many things about this world in the past 4 years.

        I understand your position; experiencing all of those religions can make you confused and say ” None of this makes sense”. Have you tried Jesus? I’m not judging you. I just want to tell you my testimony. My son was born at 26 weeks weighing 1lb. 10oz. Five years later, besides being slow in speech, he is a happy and healthy little boy. I believe that our prayers got him to this point. A miracle!

        Concerning hell, I would encourage you to Google “CERN” or go to YouTube and see what the scientists there are doing.
        There is no need to be anxious. I believe that things are falling into place as they should. So many people are sleeping right now that they have no idea what is going on. Just for curiosity, you can Google “September 23, 2015” and see what comes up. There is so much more I can say, but I hope that this gives you something to think about.

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      • Your history is very inspiring, Cassandra. Being a scientist and a Christian proves faith and scientific knowledge can coexist with harmony. I admire faith and am still finding my path. Thanks so much for the information, I will certainly do a research on what you said.

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      • Thank you so much! So glad to hear that! I pray that you will find your path. I am so happy that you want to take the time to do your own research. Most people, even some Christians, don’t want to listen or do the research for themselves. Here’s a link to a video that I saw on YouTube this weekend. This preacher talks about the scheduled events for this month and ties it in with history and biblical prophecy. It’s called September 23, 2015 What will happen? https://youtu.be/HB09F2PdXMw

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