Why bother being kind

We go with our lives so self-centered that, sometimes, we forget to be kind. Kindness seems like a secondary thing to worry about. We have so many worries – paying the bills, dealing with telemarketing attendants, traffic. Why should we care about being kind when we have so much stuff in our minds? Why do any extra effort on being kinder when this is not even what comes natural to us? The idea looks very naïve and unproductive.


The happy familyPablo Picasso, 1917

Working on being kind is a very intelligent thing to do. Kindness brings an entire spectrum of benefits – physical, psychological, emotional, social, and even spiritual, if you like the concept.

An act of kindness makes you feel better instantly as you release dopamine. To be kind on a regular basis reduces stress, lowers cholesterol and increases life spam and overall happiness.

People who are kind have better relationships. As relationships have a huge influence on how things will turn out in life, they have better chances of achieving success. Also, it is easier to be kind to yourself when you practice your kindness on others.

You don’t need any huge arrangements in order to be kind. Start by saying Hi and smiling, and grow from there. Smiles and sincere compliments spread joy – don’t keep them to yourself, they have no value hidden. Kindness can be learned – the more you practice, the better you get at it and the more natural it becomes.

Seek for the attitude and the courage of being as empathetic as possible, sincerely treating others as you would wish to be treated if you were in their situation. Put on their shoes, even when they don’t seem to fit. Don’t regard someone as a stupid or bad person – remember the many mistakes you made yourself and refrain from judging. Acknowledge that everyone has something to teach, and be open to learn. Practice your patience – you don’t control other people’s behaviors, but you control your reactions to whatever comes. Own it. Patience and empathy will get you a much longer way than rudeness or indifference.

Do you try to be kind even when you don’t feel like it? Do you think kindness is naïve? How do you practice kindness and what changes that brings to your life? Let me know in the comments!


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8 responses to “Why bother being kind

  1. We think of being kind as a “pay-it-forward” type of deal. For me, it has instant rewards. Being kind to someone provides a link, no matter how fleeting, to another human being. When we connect with our community, we are happier people.
    Great post!

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    • Agree with every word. The “helpers high” feels so good! And there is no sense of community without kindness. Thank you for being so kind and commenting 🙂

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  2. Great post….I wrote just last week about a random act of kindness given to me…I saw the smile on their face, and it brought one to mine…Kindness is a Wonderful thing…I used to say to my children…”If it’s not Nice, it’s not Necessary.” That has been our family saying since. Of course it does not always work…but when the hard times come, we say that, smile and work things out better. Thanks for the post…You hae been Heard!

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    • I love that you teach kindness to your children – I believe some people don’t realize it can (and should) be taught. Smiles are the best – they are more contagious than yawns. I hate that we forget life is very simple 🙂 Keep on doing the great job with your children and thanks so much for commenting!

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  3. I try hard to be kind in simple ways. Helping a fellow human when they are cold or hungry, feeding a stray animal… just wha I can.x

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    • That is so great – there is nothing that has a greater impact than helping other beings to get their very basic needs. Thank you for doing this. And thank you for taking the time to comment.


  4. Hey, it’s not about the post, but can you suggest some playlist/songs that you like and that helps you?


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